Sergeant Michael J. Coker (retired) educates law enforcement staff and helping professionals through online courses and face-to-face training,  which include domestic violence prevention, homicide investigation training manuals, law enforcement checklists, and further principal instruction in law enforcement.

Sergeant Michael J. Coker is an accomplished retired police officer of the Hampton Roads/Tidewater section of Southeastern Virginia.  His expertise is founded in, but not limited to, his experience as a Field Training Officer, Uniform Patrol Supervisor, Homicide and Robbery Squad Commander, Domestic Violence/Sex Crimes Supervisor, Robbery Task Force Commander, Shift Commander, and Assistant to the Police Chief.   Sergeant Coker is a Standing  Committee Member of the Homicide Cold Case Review board.


Learn and be entertained at the same time. Attend Michael’s presentations simply for the fun of it. Speech, comedy and live music.  At times, he may be accompanied by a pianist or a singer. The best way to learn material and to retain material is to participate in this session of EnterTRAINment.

If your staff, department, or organization requires training, or if you would like a keynote speaker that can address the following issues, please don’t hesitate to contact Michael Coker.

Making Your Rating Defensible

Pushing the CEO’s Agenda

Performance Reviews

Accountable Leadership

Domestic Violence Homicides

Helping Professionals

On-Scene Responsibilities

Violence Against Women Act

Criminal Justice System

Serial Family Violence Offenders

Corporate Accountability

Different Levels of Leadership